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26/10/2009 - Successful Field Trials for new Cutting Edge System

MCM redefines the boundaries for demanding on-line applications



In fulfilling a recent contract to supply a high accuracy reference moisture analyser, for online analysis in potentially contaminated gases, MCM was challenged to meet only one criterion - make it smaller!

Extensive field trials at St. Fergus (Scotland) in December 2008 had already proven that MCM's original I.S. system was faster, more stable and significantly more accurate than the three quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) analysers that it was being trialled against. The trial confirmed that the temperature controlled silicon sensor technology and unique sensor drying feature (Push Purge®) had produced quantifiable benefit for the client.


However, in order to minimise the requirement for plant engineering changes (a large headache in any petrochemical environment) the system would need to be housed in the original explosion proof (Ex d) enclosure that surrounded the existing QCM units.

MCM was therefore faced with the challenge of re-engineering the analyser to fit a very tight footprint - just 19" wide and 22cm in height. This was the only available area, and a space that represented 10% of the size of MCM's existing system.

The result, after much head-scratching and many sleepless nights, was a significantly smaller unit that exceeded the performance advantages of previous, larger models. The new system now includes span correcting features in addition to its auto-zero correction routines, ensuring highly accurate and reliable data even in the presence of significant contamination.

Named the RAiZS (Reference Auto-indexing Zero & Span), the smaller footprint, superior functionality and proven field performance are factors likely to make this system a popular choice, especially with offshore clients, system builders and EPCs, all of whom value smooth and trouble-free implementations, especially when working in confined or hazardous areas.

Recent comparisons between MCM's IS approach and alternative non-IS systems, such as QCMs encased in Ex d enclosures, have clearly demonstrated that explosion proof systems are less effective and more difficult to validate in the field, often resulting in inaccurate data and, ultimately, significant losses in productivity. Such inefficiencies can be very costly at a time when the thinnest of margins can mean the difference between profit and loss.

You could say, MCM have just RAiZS'd the bar! For more information, or if you'd like to see extracts from performance testing, please contact our Sales Team.


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