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23/04/2011 - Mass Traceable Moisture Analysis for LNG, Offshore, Terminals & Refineries

MCM's latest generation of validation technology brings new levels of audit control for process operators


MCM Validation System - Closeup

One of Industry's greatest measurement problems has always been accurate and traceable moisture analysis in hydrocarbon gas streams, where analsyers have often been slow to respond, vulnerable to contamination drift and difficult to validate. In applications where users require the highest levels of data integrity, poor measurement performance can cause critical failures on plant.

In an extract from Oil & Gas Product Review magazine the complications of such measurement criteria are discussed, together with the demands of the commercial drivers that often lead to poor decision making when specifying appropriate analyser solutions.

Established for over 40 years and recognised as suppliers of robust moisture analyser solutions for use in challenging applications - typically used on LNG, offshore and refinery processes - MCM are now pleased to announce a new range of On-Site Validation Sytems that are available either to purchase or to contract on a daily basis for plant analysis.


Features of the On-Site Validation System include:-

  • Mass Calibration Traceability certified for use on hydrocarbon gas streams.
  • Installed systems include constant dry-gas generator for zero reference checks and a "docking station" for up to three portable analysers.
  • Daily contracts include provision of an MCM engineer and calibrated ATEX portable analysers for rapid plant assessment.
  • A cost-effective methodology to provide fast results that are supported by documentary evidence of laboratory traceability.
  • Mobilisation within 72 hours.


In addition to the On-Site Validation Systems, MCM has also launched its latest development in online gas analysis. The Reference Auto-Indexing Zero & Span (RAiZS) provides unriavlled response speed, automatic calibration correction and the highest level of hazardous area certification - proven in field trials to effectively mitigate the effects of gas-borne contamination and minimise user intervention.

The profits to be made in the Oil & Gas industry are huge, and losses associated with poor moisture analysis can be significant. Choosing the right methodology can be worth millions.

For the full story, download the article below.


MCM Validation System


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