Service Contracts

MCM's Service Contract packages offer great value, fixed-price maintenance with varying levels of coverage

As the use of hygrometers is often linked to crucial quality control, production optimisation or audit applications, MCM recommends that a routine schedule of preventative maintenance should be adopted, in order to provide traceability of data and compliance with ISO directives.

Our calibrations are traceable to National Standards and performed using direct moisture injections, as defined by British Standard BS ISO 6145-8:2005. No extrapolations or calibration gases are used. Furthermore, we always optimise the calibration curve for each instrument by performing an adjustment at standard set-points across the operating range. For the most demanding applications we perform calibrations in an ISO17025 certified facility, which offers mass traceability at the 20 ppb[V] level.

Our Service Contract packages have been designed to offer clients the highest levels of confidence and value for money, whilst maximising the mean time between servicing for each application.


MCM offers two standard levels of Service Contract package:-


Service Contract Package 1 (SC1)

  • A scheduled calibration programme tailored to your application (typically calibrations are performed two times per annum, subject to process conditions).
  • Minimal administration for the client. At the start of the contract MCM will draw up an agreed timetable of work - we will then let you know when each calibration due date is approaching.
  • Inclusive courier collection and re-delivery to site - all you need to do is prepare the instrument for collection and we'll do the rest.
  • Calibrations are scheduled in our diary and take precedence over ad hoc work, which means a faster average turnaround and less process downtime.
  • Unique Certificate of Calibration issued following every scheduled service.
  • Complimentary software upgrades. The latest software revisions will be installed as and when available, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date operating systems (for users of MicroView, MicroView Compact, MicroView Mini and PicoView hygrometers).
  • Clients using our older analogue analysers qualify for exclusive discounts against the purchase of new instruments.
  • Duplicate copies of all documentation will be held in a central contract file at MCM.
  • Price discount against standard ad hoc calibration and service rates.


Service Contract Package 2 (SC2)

As per SP1 but with the following extra benefits:-

  • Guaranteed FastTrack Priority Service (FPS). Under the FPS scheme MCM guarantees to turn your instrument round within ten days of arrival or we'll provide a replacement unit on a no-cost loan basis.
  • Provision of a detailed Performance Assessment Report (PAR). The PAR contains and engineer's inspection report and full "pre" and "post" calibration data, which allows you to monitor the analyser's performance over a fixed period of operation.


In addition to the standard coverage offered by the SP1 and SP2 packages, we are also able to incorporate the following services within a bespoke Service Contract:-

  • Provision of spare instruments.
  • On-site service work.
  • Consultancy / training services to help you maximise the efficient use of your equipment. QA data review, sample system design / supply and best practice are just a few things that we can do to help improve the quality of data capture.


Service Contracts are available with a validity period of between one and five years (subject to model). For further details, or to receive a quotation, please contact our Service Department.